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We’d like one of these for the studio, please

Stunning indoor cloud formations by Berndnaut Smilde formed with a combination of water vapour, smoke and light.

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image March 07 by Chris


This is all kinds of awesome. Punk gig posters reinterpreted in the international typographic style. Via Swissmiss.

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image January 11 by Chris

C.W. Stoneking

“That’s right folks, who knows what strange wonders awaits our expeditioners on this journey to the dark corners of the globe, for this scientific purpose,…” Watch the video

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image November 30 by Nick

If this is the future, where is my hoverboard?

Microsoft Office outline their vision of the future of productivity – the way we will be living and working in the next 5 – 10 years. I'll be upset if this doesn't turn out. Watch the video

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image October 31 by Chris

Commitment To Your Work

Professional photographer Sam Abell tells of his year long journey to get a single image for a National Geographic story.  

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image September 14 by Matt


An urban food hub in the heart of London – a cafe and arts venue with mini fish farm, rooftop chicken coops and indoor allotments.

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image September 07 by Chris

The little veggie patch co

Fantastic idea from these guys in St Kilda.

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image August 29 by Nick

Watershed Writer’s Retreat

A place in the landscape – beautiful little prefab structure. Love the drain detail.

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image August 10 by Chris

Friday afternoon timewaster :

Creating kaleidescopes of your home town using the Google Maps API - mesmerising.

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image August 05 by Chris

Mona Lisa 6239 dot-to-dot

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image August 05 by Chris